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Monday, November 25, 2013

Making: No-Sew Roman Blinds

I've been wanting to make myself some Roman blinds for-EVER, but either never quite got the courage or moved across the country before I could get to it, or what have you. Well, I FINALLY did it - just in time to move to a new house. But, all is not lost; we ended up moving just down the road into an old elementary school and have rented out the downstairs of our old place to sis-in-law.

Oh yes, more on all that soon.

But the downstairs bath at the old place had a hideous vinyl mini-blind in it, and I wanted to make things pretty for our new tenants, so it seemed the perfect opportunity to try out some no-sew Romans. I basically used this tutorial from Little House Big Plans; the only departure was that I actually used a shower curtain for my fabric. I did this so I could buy two, leaving one intact and easily matching the actual shower curtain in the tub to the new window treatment. And in fact, I bought three and stored one, such that as the current one dies its inevitable slow death and we want to freshen the space up, we're assured of having a new one that will also match. (Cuz I am so smart.)

You do sacrifice the fact that shower curtains are already hemmed and finished and have wee holes or grommets at the top when you cut one up, but they're inexpensive and well suited for use in small bathrooms, for sure.


This photo illustrates the process somewhat. Essentially you're using the old mini-blinds as rods for the Roman shade. With fabric glue on the slats and either fabric glue or Stitch Witchery for the seams, they are completely no-sew. And it's not that I have anything against sewing, except that I don't know how to do it and am scared of it.

 Still functional with the original cord.

Yeah, it's a small bathroom. Like I said, matchy-matchy!