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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Organizing the Chaos

Well, I can't say,I wish we'd thought of this sooner', because, frankly, we did, we're just lazy. But we finally bit the bullet and decided to stash away all of Captain Tightpants' toys save for a handful (he still has unlimited books and blocks). Five toys in the bedroom and five in the living room - all neatly contained in cute baskets, natch - sounds like plenty, but trust me when I say it represents only a small fraction of the whole!

To the basement they go, to be cycled out at a later date so he always has something new" to play with, but never so many toys at once that they just blur together into a meaningless plastic miasma.

His room is now far neater and much more pleasant and it feels good to have pared down a bit. Unexpected fringe benefit: we're now far less likely to kill ourselves descending the stairs of death as he seems reticent to sacrifice precious toys to the task of booby-trapping them. Always a plus.

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