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Saturday, January 1, 2011

This Old House, This New Life

Following a frenzied and frenetic Christmas marked by too many toys, too much chaos, and far too much plastic…

It is now a new year, and time for a new plan.

My young family is taking steps toward moving East (West, South... away...) and finding that perfect old farmhouse and a handful of acres on which to house some hens, a goat, and an expansive garden. We'll be leaving behind an old inner-city house and yard that will, by the time we’re gone, hopefully be a little bit better than we found it. This blog will attempt to chronicle these adventures, couched as they are in the context of sustainability - environmental, economic, cultural, and social. As we put our plans into motion, live the teachings that recent years have given us, I will write about the small ways we're striving to make a difference. 

The time certainly has come: a toddler and a newborn in tow, a town we've grown increasingly tired of, an inspiring university degree now, at last, behind me, within me... the time is now to make a change, to live more fully the principles that I would like to claim guide me, to show my two boys how brilliant and beautiful it all can be.

So we have a life in transition, transition in the Hopkins sense. Moving toward sustainability and resilience, not merely to endure the ramifications of peak oil, climate change, and an oppressive economic paradigm, but to flourish within them, to come out on the other side into a stronger and brighter future. I will try to share it here, at least until shyness overtakes...

Happy New Year. :)

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