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Friday, January 25, 2013

The Slacking, it burns...

Meep, it's been a while!

Christmas was pretty wonderful. It was just the younger generations this year, since we all decided to do themove ridiculously far from home all at the same time" thing. But we had lots of peeps and lots of food, and the kids were beyond cute.

Light snow - we've had about four feet since then.


 A few wee projects:

Sis-in-law and her husband blew us away again with some homemade pretties:

Yes, that is a handmade Minecraft Creeper and some handmade Angry Birds, along with some gorgeous hand-painted art for the kids' room.

I made some cool stuff that I neglected to take pictures of before storing away, so we'll just forget I ever said anything and pretend that they're new next Christmas.

As for New Year's, I wasn't going to do the official Resolution thing, and then I read this Cracked article and decided to be more awesome. So we'll see how that goes. Life is good.

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