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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas 2010. Part 2.

So it wasn't all bad... or plastic! I need to give mad props to my awesome sister-in-law and her partner who fully, completely, get it. The two of them helped make Christmas at the in-laws' pretty sweet, especially for the little guy and my hippie sensibilities. Behold the lovely soft toys upcycled out of old thrift store shirts:

Quite awesome pig:

Scary bear:

A rather fetching chicken:

A very cunning lamb who I call Alien Alpaca:

And some paintings:

These make me very happy.  :-)

We've been talking lately about how to get the whole fam on board with a more sustainable holiday next year. None of us is too fond of imposing too many rules - e.g. No Gifts Over $X, Homemade Gifts Only, Secret Santa and the like. What we really want is just for it to be... easy. Simple. Stress-free. Special, even?

Thought about suggesting only "consumable" gifts so as to not add clutter to people's lives. Baking, jam, playdough for the kids, stockings filled with yummy treats, copious amounts of wine. Or there's the option of renting a nice holiday cabin somewhere and foregoing gifts entirely - making it about the experience. That's a lot of bedrooms...

Thinking, thinking...

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