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Saturday, February 11, 2012

This New House?

Well, we've gone back and forth on The Plan numerous times now. I'm sure my husband has been worried that it would be indefinitely back-burnered, as so many things seem to be. We've talked about the relative merits of keeping the kids near their grandparents versus living somewhere that makes us feel happy, healthy, and fulfilled... we've made more and more friends here, almost in spite of ourselves... we have access to amenities and infrastructure here that we may not “out there"... but ultimately, we're itching to make that next jump, to live in a place that feels more permanent and more “us" so we can really invest in it and start to make some good changes and do some good things.

While in New Brunswick last year, we found this:

It's actually the house that spurred the whole trip, but when we got out there, we were viewing homes with an eye toward “forever", and it didn't quite tick all the boxes. What we've realized, though, is that it actually rocks pretty hard for a foothold in the province, a place from which to explore other options in the area, a place to spend the next five years or so. On the Bay of Fundy, five acres, wooded, with this crazy knee-wall access upstairs that I just know the kids will see as a secret passageway. The kids, yeah. *koff

So we're planning to put in an offer. We shall see...

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