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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Before & After: Painted Dresser

My first completed project of any significance since moving out here. We found this dresser at a great local new and used furniture shop for like 40 bucks.

Decent lines, a little rough and ugly (there is a mirror too). So I decided I would give painting it a go. No need for a tutorial, I literally followed Centsational Girl's instructions here. This worked brilliantly, and I'll definitely be using Zinsser's Cover Stain for future projects that require painting over laminate or veneer surfaces.

And since it seems drawer hardware in the appropriate sizes to match these holes literally does not exist anymore (you can always fill and drill new holes but I'd assumed I'd be able to find hardware and so didn't do this), we set about brainstorming for new hardware options. I loved this idea but we quickly realized it would get very expensive very fast. I can't bring myself to pay more for drawer pulls than for the dresser itself, though it would have been super cool.

So we found this idea and went with it.

This is the finished result:

The rope's already started slackening a bit so the handles all lie nicely now (some of them look a little taut in these pics).

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