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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Before & During: Dandelion Cottage

The guest bunkie has been in progress for a while now; with family members inc shortly we're in the home stretch, which means building beds (whaaat?) and walling in the last of the, er, walls. THEN COMES DECORATING!


This is a building that had a former life as an old garage, and when we found it it was stuffed with old furniture, oil-stained, holey and dirty, with a thousand nails poking through the walls and a shifting foundation. It had been well-protected from the elements, though, and we were able to clean it out and shore up the foundation, to be left with a sturdy, dry, clean structure to fix up.

I don't have any truly *before* pictures, but here are some illustrating our progress:


After painting the floor... oh, and wiring!

Wall paneling going up

The temporary bed workshop

A composting toilet!

These doors are original, and really interesting. They're hinged in two places and sort of roll open in two stages. Definitely a feature we wanted to keep.

This door is not quite so pretty, but as it's an extremely crooked frame and section of floor, it's proven easier to keep the door that works. We'll prettify it.

Building beds


Sink hacking

Curtain rod for bathroom privacy

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